Bill Ramsay Prints
Aviation in Pen and Ink
About The Artist
Bill 'Torch' Ramsay is a retired Air Force/Air National Guard fighter pilot who flew F-4 Phantoms and F-15 Eagles during a 25 year flying career.  During pilot training he admired some of the aviation art on the market but was drawn (sts) to the simple lines and contrast of the pen and ink medium.  Over his flying career he managed to set aside a bit of spare time to put together a few drawings of the aircraft he flew as well as a couple that he perhaps wished he could have flown.  Today Torch is an Air Force contractor traveling the world training fighter pilots.

Torch originally grew up on Cape Cod, graduating from Nauset High School before entering the Air Force Academy.  He flew F-4's mostly in Germany before entering the Air National Guard and flying the F-15.  He resides in Sudbury, Ma, with his lovely wife and three talented daughters.
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